Performance based

what we do

At Flizz we generate revenues at the highest seen profit margins by applying one simple principle; we use the data of people you know are likely to buy from you.

Email campaigns

At Flizz we deploy our unique e-mail marketing formula which leaves our clients complaining why their other marketing channels don't show the same insane profit margins.

Email Automation

Sit back and go with the flow. Our email automation flows make sure your potential customer even stops thinking about 'if' they should buy.

Performance maintenance

We make sure that all technicalities and performance factors within your e-mail marketing setup are constantly monitored and optimized, to ensure the best inbox delivery

Don't take our word for it

We can understand you’re still a victim of the biggest lie in marketing, “Email marketing is dead”…
Well, we suggest you don’t take our word for it and let our results do the talking.






Erg Blij