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Everyone in this industry has 3-hour long webinars…
They sit there and run you through their entire life story
and completely waste your time!

I want to do something completely different today. I want to respect your time, tell you a couple of facts about who I am, and then walk you through the results I have gotten with the service I am currently running. That’s it.
What if I told you that gaining 15%-20% more baseline revenue with your ecommerce stores is about doing less, not more.
And that scaling is simple, not complicated…
But here is the problem:
Most e-commerce store owners think that scaling their store is about:
❌  Doing 10X the amount of work
❌  Running Facebook Ads
❌  Running Instagram Ads
❌  Running Pinterest Ads
❌  Running Tiktok Ads
❌  Funnel optimization
❌  Hiring a tenfold employees 
❌  Posting content 5 times a day
 ❌  Complicated Logistics & Fulfillment 
 ❌  Arguing with angry / complaining customers on Whatsapp
And GOD FORBID, so much more….
My name is Jelmer Jetten, the founder & CEO of FLIZZ
Over the last 3 years, we have proudly helped more than 300 e-commerce entrepreneurs gain 15%-20% per month.
And I want you to gain that too, so this will be the most exciting information you will ever see, and this is why: 
After working with these entrepreneurs, we have seen 3 main problems with e-commerce stores that won’t scale, and I have distilled it down into 3 forces:
Force #1: Poor social and PPC ads
Force #2: Ads are not in sync with backend marketing such as Email.
Force #3: Lack of Email marketing and follow-ups

Now, if you’re facing any of these challenges, I have good news for you! These are entirely avoidable and reversible if you follow the proper progress.

At Flizz, we have developed the Email Marketing Super Scaling Blueprint 

Now, what does that look like:

✔️  Fully automized flow setup that will gain you daily revenue on autopilot

✔️  Custom tailor-made campaigns towards the people we expect to buy from you, to convert them over and over again…

✔️  In-depth weekly data analysis by our team of experts to ensure the best delivery and conversion.

And that’s how we help our clients gain (on average) an extra 15%-20% more baseline revenue

Sounds good?!! 
If this information was valuable to you, do you want to know more about our system 
and how we can implement the system to gain you 15%-20% baseline revenue per month?
Feel free to book a free strategy call with the link here or below.
Now, before you book a call:
👉 Get your notes ready
👉 Grab a coffee
👉 Enjoy and let us guide you
I want to thank you for listening and you can book a FREE strategy call with our team here or link below!

See you on the other side!

The Captain Doesn’t Waste Time Selling Ferry Tickets –  Jelmer Jetten

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