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Gain 15-20% extra revenue on your store, while putting in less work.

The last three years Flizz has been proudly helping more than 300 e-commerce entrepreneurs gain 15-20% extra revenue. 
In the video below Jelmer Jetten, CEO of Flizz, will explain how:
Most e-commerce store owners think scaling their store is about:
❌  Doing 10X the amount of work
❌  Running Facebook Ads
❌  Running Instagram Ads
❌  Running Pinterest Ads
❌  Running Tiktok Ads
❌  Funnel optimization
❌  Hiring a tenfold employees
❌  Posting content 5 times a day
❌  Complicated Logistics & Fulfillment 
❌  Arguing with complaining customers
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After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, we have seen three main problems with e-commerce stores that won’t scale :
#1: Poor social and PPC ads.
#2: Ads are not in sync with email marketing.
#3: A lack of Email marketing and follow-ups.

If you’re facing any of these challenges, we’ve got good news for you! These are entirely avoidable and reversible if you follow the proper steps.

At Flizz, we have developed a strategy that has been working with more than 300 e-commerce stores. So what does that look like?

✔️  Fully automized flow setup that will gain you daily revenue on autopilot

✔️  Custom tailor-made campaigns towards the people we expect to buy from you, to convert them over and over again…

✔️  In-depth weekly data analysis by our team of experts to ensure the best delivery and conversion.

So how does that sound?
If this information was valuable to you, do you want to know more about our system 
and how we can implement the system to gain you 15%-20% baseline revenue per month?

Calculate your potential revenue with Flizz Emailmarketing!

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The Captain Doesn’t Waste Time Selling Ferry Tickets –  Jelmer Jetten